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Anatomic Breast Implants

Anatomic breast implants are sometimes referred to as teardrop implants. These breast implants were popular in the 1990’s but have since lost their popularity. The hope was that this would be a more natural looking implant.

Although the round and anatomic breast implants look very different prior to implantation, they produce a similar shape when in the body and the person is standing upright. In fact, round implants are actually more “anatomical” because they are teardrop-shaped when a person is upright and settle back evenly when a person is recumbent, or in a lying position, as do normal breasts.

The other issue with anatomic silicone implants refers to maintenance of proper orientation of the implant, or the breast shape will appear to be lopsided. The anatomic implants are textured and must adhere to the surrounding tissue to maintain the proper shape. If the implant does not adhere correctly then the implant will rotate within the pocket, thus altering the shape. If a round implant is used, rotation of the implant within the pocket is not an issue.