Project Description

San Francisco, California – A 22-year-old resident of Sacramento, California who presents to the San Francisco office at Union Square for breast revision surgery. She has had a complete deflation of her normal saline implant on the left side. Her desire was to remove the 360cc normal saline implants and to replace them with silicone implants. She underwent replacement of the normal saline implants with 420cc silicone implants in the sub-muscular space. Her surgery was performed at Dr. Delgado’s private surgical facility, Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center in Novato, Marin County, California.Note: Her breasts show signs of “bottoming out”. The lower pole of the breasts is stretched so it is unnaturally long. This makes the breast look bottom- heavy and not well balanced. She did not want correction of this deformityNote: This is a complete normal-saline-breast-implant deflation. Partial deflations are also possible and this usually occurs due to a defective fill valve or tissue ingrowth around the handle of the valve.”