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Breast Implant Malposition

Breast implant malposition is a common issue with breast revision surgery. The breast implant is not in the correct position as it relates to the nipple areolar complex. This can occur due to surgical error, breast capsular contracture, post pregnancy, aging and many other reasons. Sometimes, just one of the breast implants is out of position.

The solution is to reposition the implant to the proper position. It is important to correct the cause and to ensure that proper support of the tissue is maintained in order to keep the breast implant in the proper position.

These are some of the options that may be required to treat a breast implant malposition:

  • change in the type or shape of breast implant
  • changing or supporting the tissue plane
  • a breast lift may be required
  • remove scar tissue from breast implant capsular contracture, resize the breast pocket, and replace the breast implant.

Each and every case needs to have a customized plan to achieve the desired outcome. That is why we recommend that you meet with a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon who can determine the best option(s) and plan for your particular case.