Early Versus Later Capsular Contracture

The body’s protective response to a foreign body is the creation of a capsule around the implant. The formation of the capsule is normal, but if it should become thick [...]

What is Symmastia and How is it Corrected?

Symmastia is a condition where the breasts have merged making one breast. There is “web-like” tissue that crosses the sternum connecting to breasts medially.This is also referred to as; “breadloafing,” [...]

Breasts Asymmetry

Breasts Asymmetry Breast augmentation patients may end up with breasts asymmetry due to various conditions that include: • False asymmetry • Hematoma • Seroma • Rotation of the breast implant [...]

Breast Revision Recovery

Breast revision recovery is different for each patient. Some patients have a very high pain threshold, and others do not, so you cannot compare someone’s recovery to your own. Breast [...]

When to Have Breast Revision Surgery

When to have breast revision surgery will depend on your unique situation. There are several factors to consider before scheduling surgery. This 30 year old patient wanted larger implants [...]

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