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Dr. Delgado and his staff are amazing! Dr. Delgado is incredibly knowledgeable and really takes the time to explain the techniques and all possible outcomes as well as any risks involved. He also doesn’t oversell which seems to be very rare! I’m always highly recommending him to anyone I know that wants to get any procedure done because I know they will be happy with the results!


When it comes to patient care Dr Delgado takes no shortcuts; he has actual physician anesthesiologist on team rather than nurse anesthist. This was the predominant factor for me when deciding on a surgeon, as anesthesiologist are trained medical doctors who are much more equipped to deal with any medical emergency that may arise during or after the procedure.

Most patient would never think of anesthesiologist however they are just as important if not more when choosing the right surgeon.

Dr Delgado has countless positive reviews and he deserves every single one of them, he is truly gifted. I would recommend him to any friend or family member without hesitation

Emphasis on doing your research when looking for a talented and conscientious plastic surgeon. As you can see from most of his reviews, Dr. Delgado is a 5 star plastic surgeon. Before our consultation in San Francisco, I viewed a few YouTube videos of his surgeries, checked out his health grades, certifications (all the usual research) and also found he has a blog. It helped me feel a sense of comfort and familiarity before finally meeting him. The consultation was at his office in San Francisco which is beautiful. The surgery took place at another office/surgery center in Novato which is also beautiful. The staff was friendly and helpful since plastic surgery is nothing to take lightly. They all played a big role in the whole process. The pre surgery prep (vitamin packs) seemed to speed the healing process and are totally worth the added expense.
After the surgery was performed, I had some questions a few days into the recovery, but prior to the scheduled follow up, and Dr. Delgado immediately called back with the reassurance that all was normal. He did a great job. The results are natural, scarring unnoticeable, as close to perfection as one could get. Not only is Dr. Delgado courteous, professional and focused, he is also an artist at what he does. I would highly recommend this plastic surgeon.
Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure is already a tough choice but to choose your surgeon is an even tougher choice. From consult to postop Dr. Delgado and his team were beyond stellar! He throughly listened to all my concerns and expectations. What I envisioned was delivered due to his experience and skill! I will forever be grateful he took me as a patient since I am a type 1 diabetic. If you are looking for cosmetic surgeon do yourself a favor and schedule a consult with Dr. Delgado, you will not be disappointed!
I cannot say enough about Dr. Delgado and his team. Professional, kind, relatable, friendly and most importantly, talented are a few ways to describe them. I had a tummy tuck with waist enhancement, breast lift with reduction (no implants) and lipo around the torso. Dr. Delgado is an artist who is amazing at his craft. At this moment I’m 2 weeks post-op and I already look incredible. My tummy is flat, sculpted and the curves are starting to show thru the swelling. My breasts look better than when I was in my early 20’s…and they looked great then! I’ve been researching for years on which surgeon to help me on my journey…I am so lucky to have found Dr. Delgado. If you want the best, look no further.
Had the Best Experience
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Delgato. I had a breast augmentation a few weeks ago and I am thrilled with my results! I had him replace my old saline implants with new silicone gummies. They look and feel so natural and fit my body beautifully! From the front desk, to the patient coordinator to his assistant are such kind and professional women!
26 Apr 2019
Very Happy with the Results!
I am very happy with my results with Dr. Delgado. I had previously had implants with a lift 15 years ago and was experiencing discomfort with my left implant. I was also able to see and feel the edge of the implant where my sternum is. I went to Dr. Delgado for a revision and with concern there could be a rupture with my silicone gel implant. When Dr. Delgado performed the surgery he found that my Pectoral muscle had actually detached from my rib area (likely due to my first surgery) and so he replaced my implants as well as performed a muscle reconstruction. He added what is called a cellular matrix to reattach my muscle. Although the recovery was longer then a normal breast implant revision I am very happy with the results. I am no longer having daily discomfort and where you could actually see my implant where my cleavage is, is now smoothed out. I no longer feel self conscious and am very impressed that Dr. Delgado actually fixed the problem. I would definitely recommend Dr. Delgado to anyone considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery as I trust he is very thorough and committed providing the proper service for each individual client as needed.
3 Oct 2018
Incredible Doctor for Explant Surgery
About a year and a half ago, I got silicone breast implants (age:21) put under the muscle (A cup to D) by a different doctor in Southern California. At first it was great and they looked good, however, by May 2019 (age:22), I started feeling really sick and a constant pain in my chest. By that point in time, I started panicking because my original surgeon kept telling me it was ‘in my head’ and when I called other surgeons (all over the USA), they were quoting me ridiculously high prices (3 X more than the boob job for an explant)!

By some miracle, I called Dr.Delgado’s novato office and was greeted by a super nice british woman (I think her name is Shannon) who assured me that what I was going through was actually normal and that other women have been complaining about the exact same symptoms. Even though Dr.Delgado was fully booked, she managed to squeeze me in for a consultation and from there it was a breeze.

I was surprised and relieved by how nice ALL of Dr.Delgado’s staff (receptionists, coordinators, nurses, and anesthesiologist–Dr.Riddle) were towards me and my situation. Shout out to Chelsea (the coordinator) because she kept me calm 2 weeks pre op.

Dr.Delgado is professional, gentle, understanding, and doesn’t upsell (which is rare in plastic surgery).

I’m only 3 weeks post op but already feel really good and the scars are very light and tissue is healing nicely. He’s reasonably priced even though his skill is EXCEPTIONAL!

14 Aug 2019

DR. DELGADO…What can I say other than he is a GOD!!! I started seeing Dr. Delgado a few years ago and he has performed several surgeries on me after having 3 kids and losing over 100 pounds, I was a bit of a mess. He has transformed me into an entirely different person and is HANDS DOWN AMAZING. I had a couple previous surgeries with another doctor whom I was happy with too but decided to switch to Dr. Delgado as he is the highest recommended, respected and known doctor in my area. I found also that he offers more of a variety of procedures that many surgeons in this area don’t and was another reason why I switched surgeons. I was never nervous about surgery but the entire time from start to finish including consults and post op visits, Dr. Delgado has been the most patient, caring, friendly and understanding doctor ever. I am a bit of a perfectionist for lack of better words and can be nit picky and he has gone over and beyond to take care of anything I’ve needed before and after without hesitating. I respect and appreciate him SO much and he has a client for life because I’m sure I’m not done! Lastly, his staff are the best group of warm and attentive women ever, I adore them. Thank you Dr. Delgado for your amazing and un matched work of art and your dedication to this community. You change lives!!!!!

Forever grateful,

Jennifer Jeff
Dr. Miguel Delgado is nothing short of phenomenal. Dr. Delgado performed a enblock/capsulectomy surgery for me, which literally saved my life! He literally removed every detail of the issues that were affecting and causing life threatening symptoms within my body. When I tell you that this phenomenal doctor saved my life, I truly believe, that he has the gifted hands of God himself! There are know words great enough to express the depth of how I feel about what this doctor did for me, however, all I know is that I will be forever grateful for what he and his amazing staff did for me on September 19, 2019.

There is know doubt in my mind that this doctor is truly the best!!!!! That Chelsea, Mo, Carol, Dr. Riddle, and the rest of doctor Delgado’s staff are so awesome!!! Upon meeting them, you are immediately impressed that your well being and healthiness is their priority. They are an awesome team and a beautiful reflection of how Dr. Delgado operates and it shows.

I so love this staff to life!!!!

Dr. Miguel Delgado is a very talented surgeon, and a warm and gracious person. I was so grateful that he spent so much time with me explaining all my options regarding a breast revision. His facility in Novato is extraordinary, including an operating suite. I have every confidence in both him and his staff. He is the best at what he does, and takes such pride in his work. It’s a wonderful blessing that doctors like Dr. Delgado exist. Also, I found his rates to be extremely fair and reasonable.

I went to Dr. Delgado for a tummy tuck and couldn’t be happier with the results. Before choosing him, I spent about 3 months researching doctors, reading reviews, studying their “portfolios”. I actually cancelled with another doctor after comparing photos again and decided to go with Dr. Delgado.

Here are the big reasons I chose him:

1. His work is amazing and the results are very natural.

2. He has his own surgery center. This is HUGE. He says it’s because he has much better control over the situation – who he uses as an anesthesiologist (an amazing doctor), and who takes care of his patients (an amazing staff).

I recently heard a story of a women who went to the “top doctor” in SF (who works on all the glitterati), who doesn’t have their own surgery center, and this patient woke up during the surgery and was aware and feeling everything for about 10 minutes (although she couldn’t say anything). Well maybe that’s what happens when you work with whatever anesthesiologist is available. Plus, regular hospitals are filthy. ALWAYS go with the doctor who has their own surgery center.

3. Of all the doctors who I researched for tummy tucks, he was the only one who does a “waist enhancement” – meaning he pulls some muscles together (other than the normal ones done during a procedure) and actually gives you a smaller waist than you had before. I have a more athletic build with a straightish type waist – and he gave me a Victoria Secret model type tummy – seriously. I am thrilled with the results.

Beyond his skill as a doctor, he is just an amazing guy. I love his very thoughtful and calm personality. You never feel like you’re getting “upsold” on other products or procedures. He’s an extremely hardworking and kind person who is a true artist.

I highly recommend him for anything you are thinking about doing – but I can tell you, he’s absolutely the best for tummy tucks and mommy makeovers.


Dr. Delgado is the best of the best. He’s very down to earth and so is his staff. Great Staff and Doctor. I’d recommend anyone to see Dr. Delgado, he knows what he’s doing.

We are on Dr. Miguel Delgado’s review website so I will just dive in on my review…first of all I went shopping with my listening ears; who has had what done and who is her doctor? Then I did a little investigating on Dr. Delgado myself. That was and is who everyone is talking about; checking references: where did he go to school, where did he intern. My girlfriends and acquaintances looked flawless. I am nearing my mid fifties (a huh), but want to look more JUST fifty and beautiful! I won’t divulge what I had done, however, I feel marvelous each and every morning I look in my mirror. Good luck to you. You won’t need any with Dr, Miguel Delgado. My name is Lesley Fischer and I approve this message.
Dr. Miguel Delgado changed my life. My name is Jessica, I am 32 years old, and I am a mother of two beautiful children. I recently lost 85lbs after my second child. My breast were very damaged after breastfeeding and after all the weight loss. I thought I wanted breast implants, however I was recommended a breast lift instead by Dr. Delgado. I am very glad I took his advice, I didn’t realize that if I had chosen implants with a lift, there was a good chance that a surgery was going to be needed in the future. He did a wonderful job on my breast lift. I couldn’t believe they were mine. I am so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin.
The Marin surgery facility was beautiful, very clean and very new. I was extremely comfortable with the staff, and his anesthesiologist Randy Gaynor was fantastic. I am very happy I chose Dr. Miguel Delgado as my plastic surgeon, I am now considering a tummy tuck to complete my mommy makeover. I would recommend Dr. Miguel Delgado to anyone who is interested in cosmetic surgery, if your not happy with yourself it’s up to you to make a change. You only live once, make it happen.
Dr. Delgado and his staff are amazing!

After years of contemplating breast augmentation I finally decided to do it. I am 6 months post surgery and my only regret is not doing it sooner, which is exactly what his staff said I would think. The scarring is healing beautifully, I think they’ll be gone in a year, the size and shape is perfect and they feel very natural (from what I am told 🙂

Not only were my breasts small for my body size and shape, but they were asymetrical. All of my adult life I struggled fitting into bathing suits and had to wear padded bras with extra padding (I was a daily chicken cutlet wearer). The asymetry was so bad I wore an extra pad on one side to even them out.

This was a major decision for me and I spent a lot of time researching surgery methods, types of implants, risks and botched jobs. My search for a doctor was also methodical. I contacted my health provider and received recommendations for best rated doctors in my area and I also searched the web. Dr. Delgado was the first site that came up on my first web search. His site had a lot of technical information and links about the surgery including risks and his credentials. After reviewing his site I called and made an appointment. When I booked the appointment, I honestly did not expect to choose him, after all, who in their right mind has plastic surgery based on the first doctor that pops up on a websearch (electronic yellow pages, really?). I actually interviewed a different doctor before my appointment with Dr. Delgado and booked the surgery. I kept my appointment with Dr. D as part of my due dilligence. And I am so glad I did, what a huge difference in dimeanor, sensitivity and quality of staff. Needless to say, I cancelled the other doctor and booked my surgery with Dr. Delgado.

Why I chose Dr. Delgado 1) He performs many more complicated types of surgeries, but didn’t dismiss the seriousness of breast augmentation. He explained the life-time committment, the fact this is not a one time surgery and explained risks and showed pictures of capsulated breasts, yikes! 2) once he felt confident that I understood the seriousness of the decsion and risks he relaxed more and spoke about the safety of this surgery and that he is so confident about its success rates he would support his daughter if she wanted them 3) his staff are patients and they all look like normal beautiful people and not like silicon barbie dolls. I was really afraid of going under the knife in general, but also about come out looking plastic. After talking to staff members who have had similar and even more complicated surgeries, I knew I was making the right decision for myself. And to meet someone who was so pleased with her surgery, she decided to work for Dr. Delgado, I don’t think you can get a better referral than that.

Conclusion: 36A now 36D = happy confident woman. Girl friends who haven’t seen me in a while look me up and down and ask “did you lose weight?” Male friends are more observant that I “gained weight” 😉 About 700cc’s


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