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Is Breast Implant Revision Expensive?

How Expensive is Breast Implant Revision in  San Francisco, California? There are many reasons why a person chooses to undergo breast implant revision surgery after breast augmentation. Surgery may be done to correct uneven breasts, enlarge the breasts, adjust for size reduction, rebuild the breast after suffering from various conditions, [...]

Breast Implants Replacement

BREAST IMPLANT REPLACEMENT | Should this be done after 10 years? Breast Implant Replacement is a critical question for many women.  A frequent question I hear is, “Do I need to have my implants replaced after 10 years?” Breast implants do need to be replaced depending on the condition [...]

Why Some Breast Implants Look Fake

  Women who are having any type of breast revision surgery may choose to have larger implants. Once a woman gets comfortable with her original implants, it is not uncommon that she wishes she had gone larger. When selecting the size and type of breast implants, it is essential to [...]

Early Versus Later Capsular Contracture

The body’s protective response to a foreign body is the creation of a capsule around the implant. The formation of the capsule is normal, but if it should become thick or contracts, the implant can become distorted and painful. When a capsular contracture has occurred, the implant will feel hard, [...]

The Value of Before and After Surgery Pictures

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons receive specialized training in taking before and after pictures of their surgery patients. The attention to detail in the photos may reflect the surgeons’ attention to detail in the operating room. Images are one of the most valuable tools surgeons have in communicating with patients their [...]

What is Symmastia and How is it Corrected?

Symmastia is a condition where the breasts have merged making one breast. There is “web-like” tissue that crosses the sternum connecting to breasts medially.This is also referred to as; “breadloafing,” “kissing implants,” and “uniboob.”                                       Symmastia   Congenital Symmastia There are 2 types of symmastia; one is congenital, [...]

Breasts Asymmetry

Breasts Asymmetry Breast augmentation patients may end up with breasts asymmetry due to various conditions that include: • False asymmetry • Hematoma • Seroma • Rotation of the breast implant Breasts Asymmetry Before and After Surgery Breast Implants May Take Months to Drop For a woman to notice [...]

Breast Revision Recovery

How long is Breast Revision Recovery Breast revision recovery is different for each patient. Some patients have a very high pain threshold, and others do not, so you cannot compare someone’s recovery to your own. Breast Revision With Larger Implants   Sometimes the Original Pocket is used in [...]

Updating Breast Implants after Weight Loss

Many women choose to lose weight after having a breast augmentation because they are pleased with their new look and are motivated to do more. It is difficult to lose weight, but a new slimmer body can be quite rewarding.  Before and After Breast Revision Surgery Significant Weight [...]

How Will I Look if I Have My Breast Implants Removed?

Breast implants are not for all women. There are several reasons women may decide to have their implants removed, such as; capsular contracture, discomfort, droopiness, avoiding future revisions, not happy with the appearance. Some just don’t want them anymore as they feel they no longer fit their lifestyle.                            [...]

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