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New treatments for Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgery have some improved techniques for adding fill and structure to the implant tissue:

1. Fat injection have been shown to be very effective for filling areas outside of the implant area or blending in the implant fullness, especially in the upper part of the breast. This can also be used for greater fullness in the cleavage area. The contraindication for fat injection in the breast has been greatly reduced for multiple studies like Dr. Sidney Coleman from New York and others. However, this is being closely monitored.

2. Acellular Dermal Matrix(ADM) is artificial- like skin that comes from humans or porcine. This tissue goes to an extensive purification process which removes all of the biological properties which leaves a dermal matrix. The advantage of this dermal matrix is the the human tissue will grow into the dermal matrix and incorporate into the body. This material increases the structure of the tissue. It is especially go for skin which is thin and needs added support before a new breast implant in placed. The tissue can be used to cover and support the breast implant. This is a great product for complicated cases. There is some clinical observation that shows that the ADM can reduce capsular contracture. Studies regarding this are ongoing.

3. Anatomically Shaped Cohesive Gel Implants are soon to be FDA approved for use in the United States. They have been used in Europe for many years and in the United States for experimental reasons. These are different implant since the are are firmer silicone than the know used cohesive gel breast implants. This implant requires longer incisions and a short learning curve for plastic surgeons.

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