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San Francisco, California – A 39-year-old mother of 5 who resides in Sonoma, California who visits the Marin County office in Novato for breast revision surgery. She has had three previous breast revision surgeries. She now presents with bilateral breast capsular contracture with breast malposition. Her major complaint is that the right breast implant is impinging upon the shoulder region. She had her first surgery in 1999. She had a breast lift with 400cc normal saline implants placed in the sub-muscular position. Her 2nd surgical procedure was performed in 2003 due to mastitis, a breast infection, while breastfeeding. The implants were removed and replaced with 410cc silicone implant. Her 3rd surgical procedure was necessitated by capsular contracture and breast malposition. She had 300cc normal saline breast implants placed. She presents to my office with recurrent breast capsular contracture on her right side. Her surgical treatment was a complete capsulectomy (breast capsule scar removal) from the right side and replacement