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This site is to provide critical information for women who have had breast augmentation, either silicone or normal saline implants, and are having a problem with their breast implants. We will cover the major issues of breast revision implant surgery on this website. They will include breast implant deflation or rupture, capsular contracture, breast asymmetry, double bubble, and skin laxity.


“Finding the right plastic surgeon can be a very challenging experience. You want to find one that not only has expert skills but also understands exactly what your own personal goals are.”
Patient J.G.

The skill and experience of the surgeon is especially critical for revision breast surgery. The revision surgery may be as simple as replacing a deflated normal saline implant or as complicated as a severe capsular contracture with rupture of the silicone implant; breast pain and/or severe asymmetry might also be present. Whichever the case, the surgeon must have the experience to deal with these issues.

Dr. Delgado is a seasoned cosmetic plastic surgeon who has done hundreds of these complicated cases. This website will focus on breast revision surgery.

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